Lockdown lessons: an international conversation on resilient GI science teaching

Title:Lockdown lessons: an international conversation on resilient GI science teaching
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
Authors:Justine I. Blanforda , Forrest Bowlickb , Anthony Giduduc , Michael Gouldd , Amy L. , Bandana Karf , Karen Kempg , Mairéad de , Stefano deSabbatai , Diana Sintonj , Josef Stroblk , Nicholas Tatei , Fred Toppenl , and David Unwinm
Resilience, geographic information science, online learning, distance education, covid19 pandemic
JournalJournal of Geography in Higher Education
Abstract:We report the findings from two global panel “conversations” that, stimulated by the exceptional coronavirus pandemic of 2020/21, explored the concept of resilience in geographic science teaching and learning. Characteristics of resilient teaching, both in general and with reference to GISc, are listed and shown to be essentially what might in the past have been called good teaching. Similarly, barriers to resilient teaching are explored and strategies for overcoming them listed. Perhaps the most important conclusion is a widespread desire not to “bounce back” to pre-COVID ways, but to use the opportunity to “bounce forward” towards better teaching and learning practices.