Low Cost Methodology for Preliminary Road Maintenance Decision Support

Title: Low Cost Methodology for Preliminary Road Maintenance Decision Support
Authors: M.L. Kayondo, G. Bax, S.S. T-Togboa
Keywords: Geographical Information Technologies (GIT), Low Cost, Road maintenance, Video-log, ROMDAS
Issue Date: August 2011
Abstract: This paper presents a low cost GIT based data collection technology that is similar and an input to the ROad Maintenance Data Acquisition System (ROMDAS). It is composed of a vehicle, two digital video cameras, 2 GPS receivers and a notebook computer. Two different camcorders used for comparison purposes (one real color and the other a modified consumer camera to register infrared) are mounted at the front of the vehicle using a homemade gyro mounting. The GPS receivers are placed at the dash board of the vehicle. The notebook computer and GPS receivers are configured to record the position of the vehicle as it moves. The GPS log files maintain recordings of the latitude, longitude, time, speed and altitude of the vehicle position, as the researcher annotates a map document in the ArcGIS 9.3 software with location referencing details and various road attributes. This data collection technology is aimed at exposing the potential of Geographic Information Technologies (GITs) in performing inventory of the road condition. The captured data may be useful for a variety of applications relevant to road inventory and maintenance. It is basically recommended for preliminary road maintenance diagnosis for which in depth road analysis may proceed for the affected road sections. With this technology, it is possible to map road marks and other architecture along the road and provide a map immediately by the end of the survey. In conclusion, data mining of the spatial video databases to facilitate routine and periodic maintenance decisions and the possibility to modify consumer cameras for research purposes is recommended.
Presented at: The first Conference on Advances in Geomatics Research (2011)


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