The study to be carried out is entitled, “The role of land use on water and carbon balances in a tropical rainforest”.

The main objective of the study is to estimate the water and carbon balances in a tropical rainforest and assess how changing land use and climate impact on them. The specific objectives include:

  • Making use of various sub models for estimation of the model input parameters.
  • Testing and calibrating the CoupModel to describe water and carbon systems in atropical rain forest.
  • Developing a simple annual water and carbon budget for the forest catchment.
  • Estimating the changes in hydrologic conditions for postulated land uses e.gdeforestation, sugarcane and palm oil plantations.
  • Estimation of changes in the carbon balance for the same land use scenarios as listed above.


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Martin D. Tumutungire: A Preliminary Assessment of the Effects of Land Use on the Water Yield DOC PDF PS