Culture is constantly undergoing tremendous revolutionary changes and this is in turn reflected in people’s ways of life.
The design of space ought to be focused on meeting the holistic needs and resources of the user. Nonetheless, the issues of appropriate technologies cannot be overlooked in as much as they have to be sustainable and non-violent to the people and the environment. There has always been rich diversity of culture in Uganda throughout history but when it comes to modernity there seems to emerge one common culture. This PhD research is aiming at the design of a domestic kitchen, which should be appropriate for the indigenous, middle-income urban and semi-urban Ugandan user in respect to culture and modernity. We have become modern and in the long run we have developed foreign integrated ways of life but we still have the cultural roots within us. The research is to look into the various traditional designs and use of the kitchen areas while noting the types of food in place, ways of preparing them, storage areas, utensils used, aspects of hygiene, etc. An attempt will be made to resolve the conflict that arises in the widely accepted modern kitchen designs, which the developers accept and implement without much thought.

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