Title: Small-scale CHP for Rural Electrification in Uganda – The State-ofthe-art and Prospective Development
Authors: Wilson B. Musinguzi, Mackay A.E. Okure, Adam Sebbit, Terese Løvås
Keywords: Decentralized generation, Indirectly fired microturbine, Small-scale CHP, Steam gasification
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: Worldover, small-scale CHP systems are undergoing rapid development, and are emerging onthe market with promising prospects for the near future. The choice of a suitable CHP systemis driven by the need and local conditions at the target end user, keeping in mind that thesystem integration should have a good balanc e of being most efficient, reliable, cost effective,socially beneficial, least polluting and sustainable in the long run. In developing countries,small-scale biomass-fuelled CHP systems have a particular strong relevance in improving thequality of life, especially among rural communities. This paper presents the recent advancesin small scale CHP process integration for decentralized power generation. It also presents anexergy analysis of a prospective CHP system that has the potential of providing relativelyhigher efficiency and minimal operational difficulties and thus attractive for ruralelectrification in Uganda. The target generation capacity is 100 kWe sufficient to meetelectricity needs of a rural community of 250 households. Stepwise procedure withsimulation using Aspen Plus is used in the analysis of this CHP cycle. The results show thatthe proposed process integration has the promise of efficiently utilizing the exergy generated.
Presented at: Second International Conference on Advances in Engineering and Technology


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