Title: The GHG Emission Reduction in the Energy Sector – Uganda’s Experience
Authors: Adam M. Sebbit, Mackay Okure
Keywords: Economic growth, Hydropower, Energy and Development, Uganda
Issue Date: 2004
Abstract: Uganda is a signatory to several international conventions and agreements on climate change. Provision of energy is also a national priority. This paper looks at how Uganda is attempting to increase accessibility of modern energy in the rural areas within the context of international climate change agreements. A case study of the West Nile Hydropower Power project, in which the high and unattractive investments in a 3.5 MW hydropower plant to replace inefficient gensets is reformulated as a CDM project with a projected emission reduction of two million tons of CO2. This reduced investment costs and leveraged its profitability.
Presented at: Industrial and Commercial Use of Energy Conference 2004


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