Title: Using Agent-Based Models to Simulate Complex Geo-Spatial Systems- Towards Monitoring HIV/AIDS Transmission in Uganda
Authors: J.R Otukei
Keywords: ABM, HIV, Complex systems, simulation
Issue Date: August 2011
Abstract: Agent Based Modelling (ABM) has become a common paradigm for simulating human and natural complex systems. The purpose of this study was to demonstrate the use of ABM approach to simulate the spread of HIV/AIDS through a given population over a given time period. Two approaches were considered. The first, allowed infected agents to interact with the rest of population, while in the second approach, the infected agents were quarantined so as not to allow continuous infection. Complex data simulation was carried out using selected initial immune and infection levels. The results overall, showed an increased number of infected agents over a given period of time. On the basis of the observed results, it can be concluded that, although, modelling such complex systems faces challenges, the ABM nevertheless, provides the basis for understanding the spread HIV/AIDS diseases.
Presented at: The first Conference on Advances in Geomatics Research (2011)


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