Adam Sebbit is an engineer and a senior lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Makerere University . He is the Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering.  Dr Sebbit holds M.Sc. (M. Eng.) and B.Sc. (M. Eng.) from the Technical University of Istanbul in Istanbul. Turkey. He obtained his PhD from Energy Research Centre, University of Cape Town. He is familiar with Long-range Energy Alternatives Planning (LEAP) and GHG Inventory software applications. He is a member of the Uganda Institution of Professional Engineers, the Engineers Registration Board and the Uganda Association of Engineering Valuers and Loss Assessors. He is reviewer for Energy, an international journal. Dr. Sebbit has several publications in new and renewable energy technologies.

Dr Sebbit is a member of Scientific and Environmental Effects and the Technological and Economic Assessment under the Montreal Protocol on substances that have been depleting the ozone layer (1996-2006). He was a Project Leader for the “Capacity Development for Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Projects in Uganda” (2003-2006), funded by UNEP. He is a member national communication (energy). He carried various consultancy assignments in convectional energy, renewable energy, energy auditing, and carbon trading and carbon footprint.

As the result of his experience with capacity building, he was able to develop project idea notes (PINS) and Drat Project Development Document (PDD) for local project developers in the energy sector.  Under the Africa Knowledge Transfer Partnerships supported by the British Council Uganda Pearl Fruit Company, Ltd – subsidiary of Amfri Farms, Ltd. Task is to design efficient fruit dryer and alternative energy system for the dryers.


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