Apollo Buregyeya

1. Personal Data

Eng. Apollo Buregyeya
Name: Apollo Buregyeya
Profession: Civil Engineer
Nationality & Date of Birth Ugandan, September 8, 1977
Postal Address: c/o Makerere universityCollege of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology,Department of Civil & Environmental EngineeringP. O. Box 7062, Kampala – Uganda
Telephone: +256772435763 / +256701435763 / +256414662292
E-mail: aburegyeya@tech.mak.ac.ugapollo@apollo.co.ug
Website: www.apollo.co.ug


  • Civil Engineering Materials (CIV 2203)
  • Strength of Materials (CIV 1201)
  • Hydraulics (CIV 2104)


Apollo is in his initial stages of a PhD research in Materials Science. The research focus is on characterization of the abundant natural pozzolana materials in Uganda as a mineral supplement in Portland cement concrete production. The expected outputs of this research include new types of cement that are more affordable and focused to specific construction tasks.


  • Design and Supervision of Engineering Projects.
  • Technical Audits on Concrete Structures
  • Concrete and Cement research


Employment Record;

Apollo Buregyeya works as an assistant Lecturer in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Makerere University. Over a period of six years, he has been involved in teaching Construction technology, Traffic and transportation Engineering, Soil Mechanics, Foundation Engineering, Applied Hydrology (Hydrology 2), Water Resources Engineering, Engineering mathematics 3 & 4, fluid mechanics, Hydraulics, Project Design, and Introduction to Civil engineering. Other than teaching, He has also been supervising students, both for industrial training and project work. He has acted on several occasions as a head of the department of civil and environmental engineering.

Apollo is also a shareholder and senior engineer at Technology Consults Ltd., an engineering consulting firm housed in the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology-Makerere University. He has been involved in designs and supervision of various engineering projects in Roads, Multistory structures (Buildings), and Water Supply. The nature of work is consultancy and it involves data collection, analysis, design and supervision of the implementation of various projects.

Sept 2005 to present: Director (Technical Services), Apollo Logistics and Services Ltd, a civil engineering firm that offers consultancy services and unique services to pipeline operators. The consultancy services offered range from procurement audits of civil engineering projects to actual design and implementation of engineering projects.

June 2003- Sept 2005: Projects coordinator/manager, Summit Ltd, a civil and water engineering firm based in Uganda.

July 2002- June 2003: Engineering Assistant, Med Technologies Ltd, a civil and water engineering firm based in Uganda and offering both consultancy and construction services.

Academic qualifications

Makerere University, Kampala- Uganda; August 2002 – May 2010

  1. M.Sc. Civil Engineering (Water Resources Engineering), 2010
  2. B.Sc. (Hons) Civil Engineering, 2006

Hydraulic Research institute (HRI), Ministry of Irrigation & Water Resources, Delta Barrage, Cairo- Egypt; Sept 2007-July 2009

  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Hydraulic Engineering in River basin (A++), Sept 2007- Dec 2007
  2. Post Graduate Training on Environmental Hydrology for Arid and Semi-Arid Regions, May 2009- July 2009
  3. Post Graduate Training on Modeling Support to Hydraulic Engineering in River Basin Development, 13th -16th July 2009

Uganda Polytechnic- Kyambogo, kampala- Uganda; Sept 1999 – June 2001

  1. Ordinary Diploma in Civil Engineering (Credit)

Seminars/ Conferences/ Symposia Proceedings

  • Training and Dissemination workshop in the Nile Basin: New Approaches to Adaptive Water Management under uncertainty (Train the Trainer workshop on Adaptive Water Management); February 19th – 21st, 2008. Applied Training Program, NBI, 6th October City, Egypt.
  • 13th ILO Regional Seminar for Labour Based Practitioners, (Theme: Employment Intensive Approach in the Construction Sector; A catalyst for Achieving Prosperity for All); 30th Nov 30th –Dec 04th 2009 at the Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort in Kampala, Uganda
  • Many other Nile Basin Initiative ATP Seminars and UIPE Seminars

Awards Received

  • Full award for Ordinary Diploma in Civil Engineering (UPK ):  Government of Uganda, 1999-2001
  • Fully sponsored University Education (First degree): Uganda Government 2002-2006
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Hydraulic Engineering In River Basins: Full sponsorship by the Egyptian Fund for Technical Cooperation 2007
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Environmental Hydrology in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions: Full sponsorship by the Egyptian government
  • MSc in Civil Engineering 2007-2009: Part sponsorship by the Italian Cooperation and Part sponsorship by SIDA Faculty Fund


1. Books

  • A Study of the Effects of Sunspots Activity on Precipitation and Lakes Levels in the Nile Equatorial Plateau. – MSc. Thesis Report

2. Journals (Peer-reviewed)

  • The Effects of Sunspots Activity on Precipitation and Lakes Levels in the Nile Equatorial Plateau; Lake and Catchment Research Symposium (LARS 2011), Vol. 9 ISSN: 1868-8578

3. Conference Proceedings

  • Exploratory Characterization of Volcanic Ash Sourced from Uganda as a Pozzolanic Material in Portland Cement Concrete; International Conference on Advances in Cement and Concrete Technology in Africa (ACCTA 2013), University of Witwatersrand-South Africa
  • Why does Africa need African concrete? – An observation of concrete in Europe, America, and Asia and conclusions for Africa; International Conference on Advances in Cement and Concrete Technology in Africa (ACCTA 2013), University of Witwatersrand-South Africa


4. Technical Reports

  • Physical and Calorimetric Characterisation of Volcanic Ash as a mineral admixture in Portland Cement production in Uganda; CEDAT, Makerere University- Uganda; MSI-POZRES Project 2012.

5. Patent Applications



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