dr lilian nabulime

Contact Department of Fine Art, Margaret Trowel School of Industrial and Fine Arts,  College of  Engineering, Design, Art and Technology (CEDAT), Makerere University, P. O. Box 7062, Kampala, Uganda or  P.O. BOX 3337, Kampala Uganda.Email: nabulimekitaka@yahoo.co.uk  OR  l.m.nabulime@cedat..mak.ac.ug
Web Material 
  • www.liliannabulime-mary.co.uk
  • Ugandan Sculptor fights HIV/AIDS with Soap Art, Issue 29th /2/2014. http://www.cultureforfriends.eu/article/uganda
Profession Senior Lecturer/Sculptor    Sculpture major; other practice painting and appliqué


2012-2014 President, Uganda Association of University Women
2008-2009 Acting Head, Sculpture Department, School of Industrial and Fine Arts, Makerere University
1998-2001 Acting Head, Sculpture Department, School of Industrial and Fine Arts, Makerere University


2007 PhD, Newcastle University, UKTitle of Thesis: The Role of Sculptural Forms as a Communication Tool in Relation to the Lives and Experiences of Women with HIV/AIDS in Uganda
  • Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda: Master of Arts Fine Arts, 1993
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education,1989
  • BA Fine Arts, 1987

Details of the Phd Study

Thesis: The Role of Sculptural Forms as a Communication Tool in Relation to the Lives and Experiences of Women with HIV/AIDS in Uganda 

This resulted in a large body of artworks produced at various stages of the research in response to the information received from interviewees. Some of these were exhibited in Britain during the project; the final soap sculptures were successfully tested for use in HIV/AIDS awareness projects in Uganda. Transparent soap sculptures were developed to provoke debates on HIV/AIDS issues.

Soap Sculptures Publicity

  • Newspapers: The ‘Launch of the Soap Sculpture show at Katikamu – Luwero District’, The New Vision, 22 March 2005 and ‘Lilian out to sculpt’. The Monitor, 6 April 2005

2005 – Radio programme interviews

  • BBC Network Africa, an interview with Will Ross, HIV/AIDS Conference at Munyonyo, broadcast 23March.
  • The BBC World Service in London for the ‘Focus on Africa’ programme. An interview with Lara Powson on ‘Soap Genitalia’, broadcast 1 May.

The Male and Female Soap Sculptures Patent/Registration

UK Intellectual Property (2007); Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (Trade Marks and Designs) EU (2007); The Registrar of Trade Marks Uganda Class 05 under No. 27571 (2005).

A proposal for the production of soap sculptures is being developed so that women living with HIV/AIDs can produce them to earn a living. During the research the women stated that many of them are exposed to HIV/AIDS, namely through engaging in abusive relationships due to poverty or early marriages.

The research concluded that empowering women economically and engaging men as well in HIV/AIDS interventions will reduce infections among women.

Research Contribution to Universities and Communities

My research led me to contribute to the community by:

  • Encouraging HIV/AIDS groups in Newcastle to promote HIV/AIDS awareness through the use of art competitions in schools, among the youth and artists.
  • During my PhD study in the UK and subsequently (2001 – present) I have held exhibitions, workshops, and lectures/talks on HIV/AIDS awareness, with reference to my research, using slides/Power Point  focusing on sculpture not only in the UK but also in other countries, namely Norway, Denmark and Uganda.
  • The PhD research has communicated HIV/AIDS issues through a journal paper, newspapers and websites, both on local and international radios, as noted above. (For more information, please refer to the section of the CV on international exhibitions, public talks and lectures.


2015 Nabulime, L.M. and McEwan, C. (2014). ‘Using Art to Fight HIV/AIDS in Uganda’. In: Polly Stupples, P. and Teaiwa, K. (eds.), Contemporary Perspectives in Art and International Development, NY: Routledge Studies in Culture and Development.
2014 Nabulime, L.M. and McEwan, C. (2014). ‘Using art and everyday objects to fight HIV/AIDS in Uganda’.  Development in Practice Journal, 24 (2): 272-285.
2014 Nabulime, L.M. (2014) Bypassing Literacy Using Sculptural Forms/Household Objects as a Communication Tool in the Fight against HIV/AIDS – Practical Manual Guide (http://cedat.mak.ac.ug/publicati ons/bypassing-literacy-using-sculptural-forms)
2011 McEwan, C. and Nabulime, L.M. (July 2011). ‘Art as social practice: Transforming lives using sculpture in HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention in Uganda’. Cultural Geography Journal, 18 (3): 275 – 296, Sage Publication http://cgj.sagepub.com/content/18/3/275
2011 Nabulime, L.M. (June 2011). ‘Sculptural forms as  strategy for HIV/AIDS education inspired by women living with HIV/AIDS’. Contemporary Africa Review (Pan-African Analytical Monthly), Thirty Years of African Struggles against HIV/AIDS, (16)
2010 Nabulime, L.M. (2010). ‘Interviewing Milly Katana’. The African Eye Voice, 4 February – May 2010, UK.http://www.africaneyetrust.org.uk/files/file1030048.pdf
2008 Nabulime, L.M. (2008). ‘Simply the best:  Interview With Major Rubaramira (NGEN+)’. The African Eye Voice, August – October 2008. The African Eye Trust (TAET). pp. 4-5. Available at http://www.africaneyetrust.org.uk/files/file1002976.pdf
2007 Nabulime, L.M. (2007). ‘Sculpture as a tool in the awareness of HIV/AIDS among Ugandan women. In: Motherhood – Imagining Ourselves, International Museum of Women, USA. Available at http://imaginingourselves.imow.org/pb/AddedStory Aspx? lang=1&id=512&addedId=672
2002 Nabulime, L.M. (2002). ‘The Emancipation of Women: Awareness of HIV/AIDS through lives and experiences of women sufferers’. In: Women Emerging: A Tribute to Ugandan Women. 4 pages.
2001 African Women Art Exhibition, Gallery Watatu, Nairobi, Kenya 12 September 2001. Design and layout by Design Impact, Kampala, Uganda.
2000 Nabulime, L.M. (2000). ‘Role of Art in Education’. Paper presented at FUWA Conference, University Women Graduates. Journal of South African Association of Women Graduates, Cape Town, South Africa 14-22January.
1999 Nabulime, L.M. (May-June 1999).  ‘Art in Uganda, Rendez-vous’. French-Ugandan Cultural Review No. 7, Alliance Française de Kampala.
1995 Nabulime, L.M. (1995). Booklet/catalogue entitled Women Artists on the Move (Commemorating the Beijing International Women’s Conference), Kampala: Heritage Four.


2012 Commonwealth Fellowship, Durham, UK,16Jan. –15 July 2012
2011 Robert Sterling Fellowship, Vermont Studio Center, USA, 25 Sept.. – 25 Nov. 2011
2011 African Stones Talk Sculpture Symposium (AST), 1–30 August 2011
2009 British Academy Visiting Fellow at Durham, UK. Tackling Ignorance through Fine Art: The Role of Sculpture in Relation to Gender and HIV/AIDs in Uganda (Dr Lilian Mary Nabulime and Dr Cheryl McEwan (sponsor)) September-December 2009. Available at http://www.northumbria.ac.uk/sd/academic/sass/about/socscience/solscres/activism_transnat_dev_research/darn/darnresearch/
2008- 2009 Royal Overseas League (ROSL) Travel Fellowship to the UK. A one-month residency at PatrickAlan Fraser Foundation, Hosiptalfield, Arbroath, Scotland, 2008. Held an exhibition at OXO Gallery from 7 – 25 Oct. 2009
1997 Commonwealth Fellowship under Commonwealth Scholarship Plan, Glasgow School of Art, Scotland, UK. Jan-July 1997. Taught 1st year students wood curving and participated in exhibitions.


2013 Girls on the Night Out – wood and metal, commission for SPEDAG Interfreight Uganda Ltd. 
2013 Indoor sculpture of Elsbeth and Peter Jens Bonde – wood, metals and found objects, 6 feet high, Denmark. 
2007 Face of Jesus – wood, Knights of St Columba, Newcastle, UK, (September 2007). 
2004 3 Sculptures for Devonshire Building, Newcastle University (Theme: Environmental Sustainability). Unveiled 27 April 2004. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.Available at http://research.ncl.ac.uk/sacs/projects/Nabulime.html
1993 Wooden Root Emblem of Kabira International School, Kampala, Uganda (executed with Dr Rose Kirumira)
1993 Kabaka Mutebi portrait, Mengo Palace, Bulange, Kampala, Uganda (executed with other artists)
1993 Sculpture pair, Virani Business Centre, Rainbow Arcade, Kampala (executed with Dr Rose Kirumira)


2014 Wood: Artistic Exploration, Makerere University Art Gallery/MIHCR,  2 – 31 August. Reception and artist talk 10 August.  An article attached https://makerereartgallery.files.wordpress.com/…/nabulime-flyer_lr.pdf
2014 Art as medium for pedagogical learning Karolinsika Institute: Presentation and exhibiting art works on HIV/AIDsArts in Public Health for Global Benefit exhibition at Candyland Gallery, Gotlandsgatan 76, Stocholm, Sweden, 14 May. Available at http://ki.se/en/medh/calendar/art-as-a-medium.

Also exhibited at the Aula Medica, Kalorinska University, 16 May

How soap genitals talk HIV_AIDS _ PhD students and researchers at Karolinsika Institute. Available at http://ki.se/sites/default/files/konstevent_final_booklet_eng_0.pdf  Art as medium Lilian at Karolinsika Institute


2011 Controversial Art Exhibition, Afriart Gallery, Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands,11March
2011 Sculptural Figures Reflected on Daily Experiences, School of Fine Art Gallery, Makerere University, Makerere, Uganda, 24June-21August
2009  Sculptural Expressions: Women and HIV/AIDS, School of Fine Art Gallery, Makerere University, Makerere, Uganda, 19June-31 July
2006 Sculpture and HIV/AIDS Exhibition at Heddal Welfare, Notedden, Norway, 2December
2006 Sculptures Exhibition, Samisk Kultursenter, Hattfjelldal, Norway
2004 Letters to Women, Bergen Museum (sculptures and appliqué textile pieces). Special Collection: Angel, De Kulturlistoriske Samlingen, Bergen Museum, Norway, 27 September
2004 Lilian Nabulime Sculpture, The English Martyrs Art Gallery, Hartlepool, UK, 8 March-2 April 
1997 Sculpture Exhibition, Glasgow School of Art, Scotland, UK, June
1995 Paintings and Sculptures, Kirinyaga Lounge, Nairobi Safari Club, Lillian Towers, Nairobi, Kenya, December


2013 2nd International Exhibition, at the National Art Gallery, Huye, Mutale, Rwanda, April 
2013 Exhibiting at Promega Corporation (sculptures 3d and 2d in wood mixed with other materials) at Madison, Wisconsin, US, March 
2012 Sculptural Forms as a Communication Tool in the Fight against HIV/AIDS, exhibited in:KLA ART 012 – Kampala Contemporary Art Festival. Twelve artists, 12 locations, 12 containers, 7 – 14 October. The first Kampala Contemporary Art Festival was happening in the streets of Kampala. Under the title, ‘12 BOXES MOVING’, 12 shipping containers were distributed in the city, transformed by 12 Ugandan and international artists to serve as individual exhibition spaces in public places and as a platform to showcase Uganda’s visual art. The bi-annual event was a unique collaboration between eight art organisations in Kampala: 32° East Ugandan Arts Trust, Afriart Gallery, AKA Gallery, Goethe-Zentrum Kampala, Alliance Française de Kampala, Makerere Art Gallery/IHCR, Nommo Gallery and Uganda Museum.
http://klaart012.org  and  www.goethe.de/ins/ug/kam/kue/en9941232.htm
2010 Dr Lilian M Nabulime and Mrs Edopu invited: Change their World Through Art: Contemporary African Women Artists Use their Artistic Voice to Mobilise their Communities. Exhibited and fundraised for F3B. Exhibition curator: Judith K. Brodsky. Also gave presentations on their professions at the University of Maryland and Rutgers University, 5 March. Available at http://f3bscholars.org/category/artist-profile/   2010
2009 Roma Exhibition organised by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, 17 November – 18January 
2009 2nd  Pan African Cultural Festival,  Algeria, 4 –20 July
2007 * Art Aid: Embrace – Exhibition and Auction, The Art Galleries, Stepney Bank, Ouseburn, Newcastle, Art Gallery, Newcastle, UK. 24–25 November
2007 * East African Exhibition, Copenhagen and other cities in Denmark, 5–12 October 2007- April 2008. The exhibition travelled around Denmark up April 2008.‘Protected’ (sculpture): Ulandssekretariatet – LO-FTF Council LO-FTF Council in DenmarK aidsnet.dk/multisites/aidsnet/images/…/2Aarsrapport_08_vers_04.pdf    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
The evaluation of the meeting at http://www.aidsnet.dk/Default.aspx?ID=2124.

‘The Invisible Cure’: …. LO/FTF Council www.ulandssekretariatet.dk

•  AIDS and Art at http://www.aidsnet.dk/Default.aspx?ID=13134

– Vilje Til Forrandring Smtidskunst Fra Ostafrica,  ISBN 87-90858-22-0

2005 * Multiple Project, City Library, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, 19 – 31 December
2004* The 2004 Postgraduate Fine Art Degree Exhibition, Hatton Gallery, University of Newcastle, UK, 21 August-15 September 2004.Presented the PhD research, Sculptural forms developed for HIV/AIDS awareness
2003- 2004 and 2004-2005 *  Eyes Open World Aids Day Competition, organised by the Health Promotion Department, Newcastle National Health Service (NHS) Primary Care Trust, and Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. 1- 6 December 2003. The exhibition came up after the NHS Primary Care Trust, Newcastle saw my work on HIV/AIDS. Attached is a photocopy of the Gallery catalogue, Fresh – The Biscuit Factory, November/December 2003, issue 4.
2002 Rhythms, Dots, Stories and Skylines Exhibition, The Beacon, Whitehaven, Cumbria, UK, 16 September-22 November
2001 Art as Communication, Promega  BioPharmace Centre Madison, Wisconsin, USA, 11 September-25 November
2000 Women of the World (global women project) exhibited in various places, namely: Allar Heimsins Konor, 16 May-24 June 2004, Flint Institute of Arts, Michigan, USA, 22 September –29 October, White Columns, Manhattan, New York, USA, 9 June-15 July
2000 Progress of World’s Women, United Nations (UNIFEM), New York, USA, 5-25 June. Travelled to different countries
1998 Global Reflections: Nine Women Artists, United Nations- Art Gallery – Bonn, Germany, 7-24 September
1997 Celebrating Scotland Africa 1997, sponsored by Society of Scottish Artists, Royal Scottish Academy, The Mound, Edinburgh, UK, September
1997 Mayfest Exhibition Venus Flower Basket, 545 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, Scotland, UK, 9 –29 May
1995 Africus, Johannesburg Biennale, South Africa. 1995 
1994 Sculptures, Gallery of Contemporary East African Art, National Museum Kenya, December 1994 – January 1995. www.womenbeyondborders.orgwww.womenbeyondborders.org/wbb.asp?country=Uganda 


2015 Different but One, School of Fine Art Gallery, Makerere University, February (lecturers’ yearly exhibition since 1996). 
2014 Fusion of Spiritual and Secular Achievements and Expectations, School of Fine Art Gallery (CEDAT), Institute of Heritage Conservation and Restoration, November 
2011 Controversial Art Exhibition, Afriart Gallery, Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands, 11 March 



International Women’s Day Exhibition, Alliance Française de Kampala, at the Emin Pasha Hotel, 8 March. Sponsored by Orange Uganda Ltd, Bank of Africa, Tullow Oil Uganda, The Emin Pasha Hotel, Signature Art, AON and Sanyu FM
2011 Controversial Art Exhibition, Afriart Gallery. Sponsored by Embassy of Netherlands, 11 March.


2015 AtWork workshop 2015, facilitated by Lilian Nabulime and George Kyeyune. The atWork format was conceived by Simon Njami and lettera27. The Kampala chapter is being organized in partnership with Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts, Makerere Art Gallery/Institute of Heritage Conservation and Restoration, and Maisha Foundation. 9-13 Feb/2015.
2014 Organised and facilitated Transparent soap sculpture workshop; discussions on disclosure, child growth development in the context of sexuality among adolescents and youth living with the HIV Virus,   Texas (Nsambya), Kampala, Uganda, 22 December
2013 Facilitating/supervised Rwanda artists for a seven-day workshop at Nyanza organised by the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda. Exhibition opened 17 May.
2008 Art that affects environment protection (Art for Social Change). Facilitated a workshop on artworks that inform environmental protection for teachers at the Art for Social Movement Organisation, Waki House, Kansanga, Uganda, March
2008 Soap sculpture workshops with disadvantaged children, Art for Social Movement Organisation, Waki House, Kansanga Uganda, 6 -7 February
2007 Clay modelling and making masks with students, St Cuthbert’s High School, Gretena Road, Newcastle, UK, 12 December and 18 December 2007
2007 Clay modelling with students, The Gallery, Gates Head Central Library, Prince Consort Road, Gates Head, UK, 2 – 3 October
2007 Clay modelling with children, Swalwell Celebration, Swalwell Community Centre, Clavering, Newcastle, UK, 7 July
2006 Tuliwamu wood carving workshops. Taught men and women to develop sculptures. The aim was to impart to unemployed men and women skills in wood carving geared towards self-employment. Men’s workshop started on 6 March and the women’s workshop started on 10 March and each ran for eight weeks.  The sculptures exhibited at the Sunderland Museum, Winter Gardens and Discovery Museum were organised by Sunderland Museum, Winter Gardens and Tyne and Wear Museums
2004 Clay modelling with students at the English Martyrs School, Hartlepool, UK, March
2003 Women’s wood workshop, Bryggen Kunstskole, Bergen, Norway, 12-15 May. (Workshop featured in the Bergens Tidendele newspaper, 26 May)
1997 1st year undergraduate students wood carving, at the Glasgow School of Art, Scotland, UK, March


2015 Workshop: Gender-Focused Research Programme, School of Women and Gender Studies, Makerere University, 5-16 January
2014 Workshop: Research Management Workshop, 1 – 4 December. Certificate awarded. Managed by Directorate of Research and Graduate Training –  Carnegie NGAA II, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda
2014 Workshop: Arts in Medicine Training of Trainers Workshop. Organised by MTISIFA,  CEDAT, Makerere University, Arts  and Healthy Literacy in Uganda, Center for Arts in Medicine, University of Florida, USA, 5 June. Two cerificates attained
2014 Presented:  ‘Sculptures that fight taboos to communicate HIV/AIDS awareness to women with low levels of literacy’. Art as medium- A pedagogical method to promote global public health and active learning. At Karolinska Institute, Sweden. Available at http://ki.se/en/lime/calendar/art-as-medium.  http://ki.se/sites/default/files/konstevent_final_booklet_eng_0.pdf 2014-05-14   Art exhibition “Arts in public health for global benefit” by Lilian Nabulime at the gallery Candyland, on Participation: Gotlandsgatan 76.
2013 East African Arts Summit (7th Edition). Incorporating 10 years of the GoDown Arts Centre, Nairobi, Kenya, 21-24 November
2013 Presentation: Sculpture as a Tool in Emotional Distress. Conference on Arts in Medicine Care, CEDAT, Makerere University, 7-8 November
2013 Participation: Peace and Conflict; a two-day workshop using photography to explore utopias and dystopia with Hama Goro and Harandane Dicko from Mali. Organised by 32 Degrees East, Ugandan Arts Trust, 29-30 May
2013 Presentation: The Lives and Experiences of Women Living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda, through the Eyes of a Sculptor. Co-sponsored by the African Studies Program and the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies and Center for Research on Gender and Women, The University of Wisconsin, Madison, 206 Ingraham Hall, 1155 Observatory Drive, 13 March. Available at http://africa.wisc.edu/?t2t_event=lecture-lilian-nabulime
2013 Presentation: Guest lecture at School of Social Transformation, in Arizona State University’s College of Liberal Arts. Presented a session entitled ‘Social transformation through Art: Sculpture and HIV/AIDS Awareness in Uganda and Beyond’, March 21. Available at http://issuu.com/asusst/docs/annual_report_-_final/29
2013 Presentation: Art as a Tool in Education (reference to my PhD), 18th Biennial International Consortium for Social Development (ICSD) 2013 Conference, 15–19 July, Kampala, Uganda
2012 Presentation: International AIDS Day. Organised by Children International at open grounds, Nakulabye (www.children.org), 1 December
2012 Presentation: The Politics of AIDS, Lindisfarne Centre, St Aidan’s College, Durham University, UK, 16 May
2012 Presentation: Dr Lilian Mary Nabulime: A Fine Art PhD Experience (Fine Art Research Seminar Series), Fine Art, School of Arts and Cultures, Newcastle University, 15 May, 4 p.m.
2012 Presentation: Lilian Nabulime: A Post-Modern Sculptor from Uganda Developing an Art Practice,  Room B 102, Brunei Gallery Building, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London UK, 8 March
2012 Radio Interview: BBC (London) for an interview: Uganda’s Lilian Nabulime uses soap to start sex discussion. Available at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-17344983   on 12 March 2012.
2010 Seminar and paper presentation: Cheryl McEwan and Lilian Nabulime, invited seminar: ‘Art and HIV/AIDs,  Department of Geography, University College London (UCL), 19 October 
2010 Presentation and Workshop: Mutungo fish landing site, Transparent Soap Sculpture Focus group meeting, men and women, at Wakiso district, 2 February
2010 Presentation: Launch of the Nairobi report, sponsored by the British Academy, held at BIEA, Laikipia Road, Kileleshwa, Nairobi, 18 MarchPanel: Partnership in Practice II. Chair Prof. Justin Wills (Durham University). Presented: Partnership in Academic Research: Tackling Ignorance through Fine Art – The role of Sculpture in Relation to Gender and HIV/AIDS in Uganda.

Available at http://www.biea.ac.uk/lectures_pages/Nairobi%20report%20pdfs/Lilian%20Nabulime%20-%20Tackling%20Ignorance%20Through%20Fine%20Artpdf.pdf

2009 Workshop: A Good Ending, the workshop that was held at Boarbank Hall in Cumbria. The participants were chaplains, doctors, nurses, carers and counsellors from the UK, 2December. The workshop was on patients whose lives were coming to a terminal end and looked at both quality of care and their spirituality. I gave a presentation on ‘creative thinking on HIV/AIDS’, the use of art/sculpture or involving patients in art projects as therapy
2009 Workshop: The Switch on People in Enterprise workshop organised by Durham University was useful in acquiring skills and knowledge focusing on my research project of mass production of soap sculptures as a business enterprise to employ Ugandan women living with HIV/AIDS in both their production, use in education and women’s personal development. As a lecturer in Uganda, through this workshop I was able to gain more insight into defining our courses that have an aspect of innovation and entrepreneurship for the students to acquire skills to be more employable, self-employed or job creators
2008  Public Presentation: Sculptures that Fight Taboos against HIV/AIDS, School of Graduate Studies, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda 
2008 Presentation: Sculptural Forms That Communicate HIV/AIDS Awareness. Presentation to teachers/staff of the Art for Social Movement Organisation, Kansanga, 4 February
2007 Presentation: Effects of HIV/AIDS in Africa, particularly Uganda, Christian AID, St James and Basil Church, Fenham,  Newcastle, UK
2007 PhD Practice Research on HIV/AIDS, School of Arts and Social Sciences, Northumbria University 
2007 Presentation: A lecture on World AIDS Day for students at St Hilda’s Church, Jesmond, UK, 28 November
 2007 Presentation: Sculptural Forms as a Communication Tool in Lives and Experiences of Women with HIV/AIDS in Uganda, Department of Fine Art, Seminar Room, Newcastle University, 21 November
2007 Presentation: Six lectures presented to Ulandssekretariatet – LO-FTF Council’s cultural exchange project Focus on East Africa, 4 – 12 October, Denmark.
2007 Presentation: Relevance of Sculpture as a Tool of Communication to Raise HIV/AIDS Awareness amongst Ugandan Women (DARN [Developing Areas Research Network], Newcastle University), Seminar Series,  Devonshire Building, 13 March
2006 Presentation: Sculpture as a Communicating Tool in Addressing HIV/AIDS, Telemark, University College, Notodden
2006 Presentation: Sculpture Addressing Taboos (HIV/AIDS and sex),  Samisk Kultursenter, Hattfjelldal, Norway, 29 June. Documented in Timeglass booklet- Kvinnesatsing I Nordland
2006 Presentation: Using Sculpture to Talk About Taboos, Schous, Oslo, Norway, 7 June
2005 Presentation: Developing Sculptures or HIV/AIDS Awareness, Smuget, Storm Oslo, 31May 2005. Documented in a magazine entitled Krigsopet (Salvation Army) –Nr 35 2005Arg. 118, St Olavs plass, Oslo, Norway
2005 Presentation:4th National AIDS Conference at Speke Resort Munyonyo in March and received positive feedback from HIV/AIDS patients
2000 Presentation: Role of Art in Education (case study – Uganda). Paper presented at FUWA Conference, Cape Town, South Africa (see in Published Works)
1999 Presentation: Uganda Association of University women, 25 – 26 November
1999 Participation: Connecting Makerere into the Global Infrastructure 19 –  20 April
1999 Presentation: Role of Art in Development, National Museum, Uganda
1996 Presentation: Art and Development Co-operation (case study – Ujaama), Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands, June
1996 Presentation: United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) workshop for artists, Kampala, Uganda


2008- present Based on my PhD research experience, give lectures, presentations, and exhibitions; organize/facilitate workshops and also engage in advocacy on HIV/AIDs.
2012 Volunteered  to give a presentation on tips and information regarding experiences, namely studies, accommodation and adapting for new Commonwealth Scholars or Fellows in the UK (8 August, Serena Hotel, Kampala, Uganda)
2009 Together with Prof. Kwesiga and SPEDAG, organised Art @ Work (25April, SPEDAG offices), a group exhibition, from which 50 per cent of the artists’ proceeds went to Reach Out HIV/AIDS Initiative, Mbuya, Uganda.
2009 Made small paintings to raise funds for KERWADA (Kyadondo Rural Women Development Association)
2006 Held a Sculpture and HIV/AIDS Exhibition at Heddal Welfare, Notedden, Norway, 2 December. Fifty per cent of the proceeds went to KERWADA (Kyadondo Rural Women Development Association)


  • Associate member of DARN (Developing Areas Research Network, UK). DARN collaborates with scholars on research topics (2007 to-date)
  • Board member of NGEN+ National Guidance (2008 to-date)
  • Rotary Club of Kampala City, Makerere (2008 to2014)
  • British Federation of Women Graduates (North Eastern Association), Newcastle upon Tyne, UK (2006 to-date)
  • International Museum of Women, USA (2000 to-date)
  • Commonwealth Alumni, UK (1998 to-date)
  • Uganda Artists Association – Uganda (1993 to-date)
  • University Women Association, Makerere University, Uganda (1997 to-date)
  • Member of Hatton Gallery, University of Newcastle University, UK (2002 to-date)