Title: Exploratory Characterization of Volcanic Ash sourced from Uganda as a Pozzolanic Material in Portland cement Concrete. Authors: Apollo Buregyeya1, George Quercia2,3, Przemek Spiesz2, Miruna V. A. Florea2, Ruth Nassingwa4 Keywords: Characterization, Portland pozzolana cement, volcanic ash, natural pozzolana, Uganda Issue Date: Abstract: The need for alternative cementing materials to ordinary Portland cement (OPC) has...
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Abstract Effective improvement of the current poor environmental sanitation in peri-urban Kampala requires an understanding of pollutant characteristics (types, sources, locations and loads). As part of an on going study, this paper presents pollution characteristics in Bwaise III and challenges encountered during the period 2002-3. Findings show that pit latrines are a major source of...
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