Title: Informal Response To Housing Shortage In Post-Independent Uganda – Any Lessons For Architects? Authors: Barnabas Nawangwe, Assumpta Nnaggenda-Musana Keywords: Informal settlements, house types, densification, spatial quality, community participation, research methodologies Issue Date: September 2005 Abstract: Uganda’s urbanization process has followed more or less the same pattern as urbanization in the other countries of sub-Saharan...
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Title: Optimising Densification Condition of Coffee Husks Briquettes Using Response Surface Methodology Authors: Collins Okello, Levi Lukoda Kasisira, Mackay Okure Keywords: Biomass, Briquettes, Densification, Optimisation Issue Date: 2010 Abstract: This study was carried out to establish the optimum conditions for converting coffee husks with molasses as binder into a densified biomass fuel. The study was...
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