Faecal sludge


Title: Dewaterability of faecal sludge and its implications on faecal sludge management in urban slums Authors: S. Semiyaga, M. A. E. Okure, C. B. Niwagaba, P. M. Nyenje & F. Kansiime Keywords: Decentralized, Environmental pollution, Faecal sludge, Particle size distribution, Pit latrine Published: 14 September 2016 Abstract: The current practices of faecal sludge management in urban slums pose risks to public health and environmental pollution....
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Title: Optimisation of centrifuge operating conditions for dewatering physically conditioned faecal sludge from urban slums Authors: Swaib Semiyaga, Mackay A.E. Okure, Charles B. Niwagaba, Philip M. Nyenje, Frank Kansiime Keywords: Cake solids, Centrifugation speed, Centrifugation time, Faecal sludge,  Response surface methodology Published: 27 March 2017 Abstract: Decentralised faecal sludge (FS) dewatering in urban slums using centrifugation technology has potential to...
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