Rationale The  course  enables students to  acquire knowledge and  skills  on  electrical instrumentation and measurements. Course Objectives By the end of the course students should be able to: Understand the electrical instrumentation and measurements.of electrical instruments Use electrical instruments to measure various quantities. Attachment Name Attachment Type ELE2213 INSTRUMENTATION DOC PDF PS
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Rationale The computer is an electronic device whose design and manufacture utilizes a great deal of instrumentation and control engineering concepts. A student of computer engineering has to be exposed to the relevance of these fundamental concepts in the design of computer circuitry. Objectives This course aims at: Enabling student   understand  that control systems are...
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Course description The student is made familiar with the capabilities of more instruments and methods of measurement. He/she becomes aware of how to learn to manipulate unfamiliar instruments and how to realise methods of collecting field data in a new situation. This course is a continuation of the similar one in the previous semester Objectives...
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