J. R. Otukei


Title: You Know The Temperature at the Weather Station But Do You Know It Anywhere Else? Assessing Land Surface Temperature Using Landsat ETM+ Data Authors: J. R. Otukei, T. Blaschke Keywords: Landsat ETM+, Land Surface Temperature, Apparent Reflectance and FLAASH Models Issue Date: August 2011 Abstract: Land Surface Temperature (LST) is one of the important...
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Title: Using Agent-Based Models to Simulate Complex Geo-Spatial Systems- Towards Monitoring HIV/AIDS Transmission in Uganda Authors: J.R Otukei Keywords: ABM, HIV, Complex systems, simulation Issue Date: August 2011 Abstract: Agent Based Modelling (ABM) has become a common paradigm for simulating human and natural complex systems. The purpose of this study was to demonstrate the use...
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