Course Description This course deals with basic mechanics of materials and is crucial in understanding mechanical behaviour and capacity of engineering materials. Objectives To enable students evaluate behaviour of materials subjected to normal, shear, twisting and bending loads Expose students to derivation of stress transformation formulas and thus determine the principle stresses on any loaded...
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Duration: 3 years OBJECTIVES OF THE PROGRAMME The main objective of the construction management undergraduate degree programme is to train highly skilled personnel knowledgeable in the management and control of the construction process, and optimum aggregation of construction resources including money, manpower, materials, machinery and methods of work. The programme provides students enrolling with a sound...
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Abstract Volcanic ash and Moringa oleifera (M. oleifera) were investigated as indigenous materials for drinking water treatment based on problems identified at Kampala and Masaka water treatment plants in Uganda. Coagulation experiments were done using swamp raw water at Masaka National Water & Sewerage Corporation water treatment plant and pilot-scale filtration experiments carried out at Ggaba II (Kampala)...
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