Title: Role of Si-C Interlayer on the Properties of DLC and Si-DLC Films Deposited on Nitrile Rubber Authors: M. Lubwama, B. Corcoran, K. Sayers, J.B. Kirabira, A. Sebbit, K.A. McDonnell, D. Dowling Keywords: Adhesion, Magnetron sputtering, Micro-hardness, Raman spectroscopy, Si-C interlayer, Tribology Issue Date: September 2013 Abstract: Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) and Silicon doped diamond-like carbon...
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Title: Adhesion and Composite Micro-hardness of DLC and Si-DLC films Deposited on Nitrile Rubber Authors: M. Lubwama, K.A. McDonnell, J.B. Kirabira, A. Sebbit, K. Sayers, D. Dowling, B. Corcoran Keywords: Adhesion; Closed field unbalanced magnetron sputtering ion plating; DLC; Micro-hardness; Si-DLC; Tribology Issue Date: 2012 Abstract: Thin films of hydrogenated diamond-like carbon (DLC) and silicon...
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