Onsite sanitation


Title: GIS Analysis and Optimisation of Faecal Sludge Logistics at City-Wide Scale in Kampala, Uganda Authors: Lars Schoebitz , Fabian Bischoff , Christian Riuji Lohri , Charles B. Niwagaba , Rosi Siber, Linda Strande Keywords: safely managed sanitation, information and communications technology, collection and transport, service coverage, faecal sludge management, onsite sanitation, Sub-Saharan Africa Published: 28 January...
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Course Description The course introduces sanitary engineering, in which the relationship between diseases, disease vectors and transmission routes are studied as well as engineering barriers to counter communicable disease transmission. The course covers: solid and hazardous waste management and its functional elements, i.e., generation, temporary storage, collection, transportation, treatment including recycling and ultimate disposal; water...
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