Patrick Sserunjogi


Title: Dynamics and Meaning  of assigning User Value in the Branding  of Beverage Products in Uganda Authors: Patrick Sserunjogi Keywords: Activity Theory, Glocalization, Literacy and Visual Literacy, Operational Theory of Meaning, Socio-cultural essentials, User Values, Visual Social Semiotics, Visual symbols Issue Date: 23rd November 2015 Abstract:   This multiple case study examined how user values are...
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Name: Patrick Sserunjogi   Designer/ Educator/researcher Designation: Assistant lecturerDeptartment of Visual Communication, Design and Multimedia, College of Engineering Design Art and Technology Makerere University Mobile:  +256 752 648178+256 777 335 335 E-mail: Conferences/papers: Gaborone International Design Conference 2013 – Botswana. Paper: CULTURE AND DESIGN: VISUAL SOCIAL SEMIOTICS AN INTEGRAL PART IN DESIGN PROCESS OF...
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