Course Description Getting to grips with the language of sculpture through carrying out different exercises. Understanding and embracing the various dimensions of different sculpture processes and materials. Course Objective/Aims To prepare a student to appreciate the tasks, challenges and responsibilities of functioning as a sculptor through: skills development, appreciating the merits and limitations of the...
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Course Description Sociology for Technology helps the student of architecture to synchronise the needs of society and the architectural theories and practices, in the development of the built environment. Objectives/aim Explore the social and cultural impact of engineering innovations. Discuss how technology shapes culture and how culture shapes technology. Teach how human behaviour affects design...
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Course Description The course is important in raising the student’s understanding and awareness of the architectural history in the East African region. Objectives/aim Analytical study, documentation and grasp of the basic chronological framework of architectural history in East Africa with a specific emphasis on Uganda. Appreciation of the relationship between meaning and building form within...
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