M.A.S.S is a student association in the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology Makerere University which was started up about twenty two years ago. It was started up By BSc Surveying Students (Land Surveying) and any student who belonged to the Department of surveying currently known as Department of Geomatics and Land Management, then was free to become a member by registering and subscribing to the Association.

A constitution that guides its activities and operation was drafted then such as election of executive members of the Association by their fellow students of the Department of Surveying. The executive was to have a President, Vice President, Speaker, General Secretary, Finance Secretary, Projects Coordinator, Publicity Secretary, Assistant General Secretary, Assistant Projects Coordinator and an Assistant Publicity Secretary. The patron of the Association was by Default to be the Head of Department of Surveying.
However the Association became fully recognized and registered by the Guild on 1st June 1999.

As time went by, the Department of Construction Economics and Management was created as a new department in the Faculty of technology currently known as College of Engineering Design Art and Technology which merged with the Department of Surveying that led to the expansion of the sample size the Association. This department had BSc Quantity surveying and Land Economics as courses and students of these courses joined the association since all these Professions fall under the same registration Board as Land Surveying.

Note that M.A.S.S is affiliated to the Institution of Surveyors of Uganda (ISU), a recognized Surveyors’ body in the country together with Surveyors’ Registration Board (SRB), which is responsible for maintaining and upholding all surveyors’ code of conduct it should be noted that as a surveyor to operate legally without disturbance in Uganda one has to be registered with this Institution. It is very crucial and vital for a student to be a member of MASS so as to easily register with ISU.

At Present

M.A.S.S is a body that brings together students offering Bsc. Land Economics (LE) (LS), Quantity Surveying (QS) under the Department of Construction Economics and Management and Land Surveying under the Department of Geomatics and Land Management all departments under the School of Built Environment CEDAT Makerere University. The association has various objectives and Carries out various activities as mentioned below;

  1. Recognizing all BSc QS, LS, LE students as fully registered MASS members and Institution of Surveyors of Uganda affiliates.
  2. Establish links worldwide regarding exposure of MASS students to the surveying world starting with Africa.
  3. Advocate for student-staff / professional policies and to enhance inter-disciplinary relationships.
  4. To seek Affiliation to Professional bodies and hence get student memberships to these bodies for the M.A.S.S members.
  5. And so many others.


M.A.S.S holds various activities annually most which of are jointly held with its sister associations in the Faculty, that is, Makerere Engineering Society (MES), Makerere Architecture Students Association (MASA), and Makerere Association of Construction Managers (MAC). Some of the activities include:

  • Fresher’s Welcome Party
  • Fresher’s Dinner
  • Fresher’s Ball
  • Annual CEDAT Open Day and Exhibition
  • The Beach Bash
  • Annual Surveyors Dinner and handover Ceremony.
  • The academic tour to the Department of mapping and Surveys Entebbe and respective professional Firms and companies
  • The annual International Academic trip
  • The annual CEDAT Sports gala
  • The annual CEDAT/Surveyors conference
  • Arrangements for students Industrial Training, etc.

M.A.S.S Executive (2011-2012)

Eliot Desmond Ankunda President
Kamira Denis Vice President
Kamukama Wahabu Speaker
Asiimwe Immaculate General Secretary
Nankinga Proscovia Dep. General Secretary
Jiel Jiel Finance
Opio Francis Projects Coordinator
Tugume Dickson Dep. Projects Coordinator
Kahuma Evelyne Publicity
Nassimbwa Priscillar Dep. Publicity
Kabiswa Edrisa Guild Representative I
Abarinda Jerusha Guild Representative II

Contact Us

Bamboo Project  House.
Outside Technology New Building
Makerere University
Tel: +256-784-848484/-704-120909



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