Course Description

Advanced approaches in Ceramics technical and students’ researched problems and development of proposals based on students’ acquired skills in ceramics artistic practice to develop the vital individual skills for ceramics studies and industrial practice.

Course Objective/Aims

  • To increase awareness and understanding of the individual/personal creative and innovative possibilities in ceramics without undermining the technical knowledge.
  • To develop the students potential to operate bas an independent studio ceramic artist or designer.
  • To build confidence in tackling ceramics design and production processes.
  • To encourage the students to look at the society’s needs in respect to ceramics products and how a ceramic artist/designer might address these.
  • To develop an individual approach to ceramic design and production and enhance their capacity personal and group research in the field of ceramics.
  • To build confidence in tackling major projects in ceramics
  • To develop skill and knowledge in planning and execution of ceramic practical projects
  • To instill the value of personal research in ceramic practice.
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Advanced Ceramics IFA 3212 DOC PDF PS