Course description:

Branding, Printed & Digital media

Applying Design Theory and Methodology. This course explores, through visual images, the potential aesthetics and communication exemplified in word visual, community, corporate design and image-type-layout relationships. Design strategies, commissions and work follow up, work positioning and customer service through Research projects (Prerequisite IFA2216)

Course Objectives

The course aims to give the students’ abilities to:

  • Identify the importance of collaborative design processes in contemporary design practice.
  • Select, discuss and apply theories/issues to explain the significance of visual communication in graphic design.
  • Participate in collaborative peer learning activities in order to develop critical and analytical required in resolving solutions for advertising design tasks.
  • Appreciate the influence of technological advancement in advertising design communication.
  • To realize the importance of participating and understanding what is involved in the production process for advertising design.
  • Understand the language employed in advertising industry.
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