Course Description

Emphasis upon spatial description in relationship to pictorial content using Nature or imaginative drawing statements. Research projects are executed.

Course Objectives

  • To build the students’ confidence and independence in terms of planning, ideas and self motivation.
  • To expose students to a variety of inspirational themes away from the studio i.e. animal anatomy, motion pictures/themes.
  • To enable students integrate talent with modern technology in order to cope with the ever changing technological world.
  • The course will constitute the following;
  • Skills shall be explored in studio arranged life drawing i.e. Effect of form on drapery; Motion or action sketches; Anatomical differences between male and female sexes ‘Animal anatomy as compared with human anatomy; The age factor in drawing – in different media.
  • Concept development – Identification of themes for projects obtained from published or non- published oral traditions and environmental concerns, social, political issues based on mass media.
  • Field sketching and visual interpretations of written text.
  • Internalization and execution of concept into a well studied project.
  • Introduction to digital drawing.
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