Course Description

The visual arts traverse all academic practical disciplines taught at the Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts plus all other art schools elsewhere in the world. A parallel but dual purpose style teaching approach will be employed when giving lectures to students to allow them compare similarities and differences between Visual Elements from Visual Art to another.

When lecturing, juxtaposition between overlaps in description, application and appreciation of all Visual Elements between differing subjects will be considered. An Isolation of one subject from the rest while teaching will be avoided not to disfavour a comparative analysis of the Visual Elements; e.g. when relating the rough visual texture in cross – hatch method vis-a-vis the tactile rough texture in sculpture; or when relating (colour) in painting, sculpture, ceramics, weaving, photography, printing; with all other visual arts.

The course will rotate through a span of 14 weeks and will be evaluated at a rate of the following grades: Course work: 40% Examination: 60% Total: 100%.

Course objectives

  • To introduce learners to the visual study of visual arts
  • To introduce and train learners towards visual literacy
  • To develop visual intelligence
  • To develop the skill of observation of the visual elements and how they interrelate in various visual arts during practical sessions
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