Course Description

The course introduces learners to the language of history and appreciation of art. Its main content exposes them to the origins and developments of visual arts from the pre-historic period through the ancient civilizations up to the Byzantine era. It also helps them to create relationships between the art and culture of ancient civilizations elsewhere and that of their own region (East Africa in general and Uganda in Particular).

Course objectives:

  • To expose students to the knowledge of the possible origins of man as an artist and the beginning of art of the world.
  • To let students develop a sense of appreciation of the art of man from the prehistoric to the ancient civilizations.
  • To enable students recognize the influence of ancient civilizations (Mesopotamia to Byzantine) on Africa’s art in general and Uganda’s art in particular.
  • To equip them with useful skills that they can apply in their own artistic practices.
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IFA 1105 Pre-Historic to Byzantine DOC PDF PS