Course Description

This course will place emphasis on painting media, methods and materials, stretching surfaces, oil as media, thinner, varnishes, linseed oil, colour palettes, stylistic movements e.g abstraction, realism, impressionism, etc. The challenges of great masters like El Greco, Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Edgar Degas and of large paintings; their preparation and execution will be investigated. This course outline will in particular take care of oil colour; its conduct, properties, techniques of expression vis-a-vis execution and application on particular surfaces. Other materials in the line of (mixed media) may be used with oil paint. A manifestation of the relationship of the artist and his materials as expressed in individual works will be expected. The pre-requisite for this course is IFA 2106 which involves the basic materials of oil colour and acrylic.


  • Construction of supports/stretching canvases and other surfaces.
  • Under-coating different surfaces and preparation of painting surfaces.
  • Over painting
  • Generation and development of themes and topics
  • Exploration of techniques with materials and surfaces
  • Pictorial expression; content analysis; styles, concepts and exploration of Isms.
  • Planning for large, medium and small size compositions on formats.
  • Focused practical use of oil paint on large, small and medium surfaces.
  • Execution of works related to challenges of great masters of artists choice
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