Course Description

During this semester the student will be taught professional finishing and presentation techniques, which are essential for, use as an independent jewelry artist/designer. Should the School’s budget allow, the student will also be introduced to advanced production, surface embellishment finishing and presentation methods. The student will also learn basic casting as a mass production technique for the studio jewelry artist/designer. The number of techniques learned will depend on the availability of materials, tools and equipment. This will vary from semester to semester. Thus far, suppliers’ distribution and import practices as well as University budgetary constraints in the past have not allowed the provision of all the necessary materials, tools and equipment required to facilitate the teaching of all the techniques designated for Year 2 Semester 2.

Course objectives

The courses listed for this semester seek to round off and supplement the training received by the student so far with advanced techniques common in small and large-scale jewelry manufacturers workshops. Although they may not generally be essential to the needs of a low- production craft jeweler that this curriculum intended to produce for the Ugandan urban market., if successfully acquired they will prove very handy at a later stage when the graduate decides to get into manufacturing and mass production.

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