IFA 2203 Principles And History Of Art II

Course Description

This course outline will in take care of Art and Architecture from the medieval period through Rococo; Principles of Art/Design and as applied to varied Artworks and the Study plus analysis of Art pieces as a result of style, geographical/ Historical positions, purpose and Iconography .

Course Objectives/Aims

By the end of this course, Students should be able to:

  • Articulate the Principles of Art and Design
  • DefinethePrinciplesofArt/Design;Balance,Proportion,Emphasis,Rhythm,Harmony,Uniy,Mo vement and Variety
  • Establish the differences between the Byzantine mosaics and Roman
  • Subject the Gothic Architecture to Principles of Art Design with specific reference to “Reims Cathedral.”
  • “Write about the Venetian School.”
  • List and Discuss the four R.S” that governed the renaissance architecture
  • Watch a Movie/Film “AMADEUS”- ( Before, during, and after the Baroque period- influences).
  • Show how Caravaggio secularized religious art
  • Read about Bernini,s “Ecstasy of st. Theresa
  • Discuss Borromini,s “Fa?ade, San Cario alle Quattro Fontane”.
  • Apprise Rubens’ “Descent from the cross”
  • Write about Rembradts, Early and late styles in Painting
  • Analyze Watteau,s “Pilgrimage to Cythera.”
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