Course Description:

Introduction to basic research methods for both academic and real life world usage base on theory and practice based on art, design and industrial including but not limited to education. Learners will be taken through critical thinking by expounding on meaning and basic principles of a research/study inquiry into phenomena, new fields, and new arts/designs. The understanding of art and design history through literature reviews with emphasis on appreciation, usage and production within and outside the communities under study. Research issues including copy right, ethics, and data protection. Selection of researchable topics and themes within and outside the communities and materials cultures we already have knowledge about.


Course Objectives/Aims

  • To provide an understanding of the wide scope of research practice both as an academic and practical undertaking; descriptive emphasis will be put on establishing the truth.
  • To introduce within students an understanding of process of research proposition production and methods of study namely; identifying relevant literature and research methodology.
  • To be able to take forward and directly apply basic taught principles in research practice in a standardized and articulate manner.
  • To expose students to the basic research argument, critical thinking and the various tools and theories in similar or different studies.
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