Duration: 3 years

Art and design as a human activity does involve aesthetic, intellectual, and practical skills, although to become broadly significant, it should interact with the content in other fields, especially science, comparative education and industrial studies in Studio Art/Industrial Design/ Museum and Gallery Management. Study trips, field attachments and theoretical courses in Art History and art criticism provide on-the-job, supervised, evaluated experiences which contribute to the student’s overall education and development. Primary goals include improvement of art and design production and creative strategies, as well as museum and gallery management skills.

Specific careers exist in the general areas of Fine art, Visual communication design, Fashion,Textile and Interior design, as well as industrial design. Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts graduates have established careers in such fields as studio-practice in art and design, teaching in secondary schools and tertiary institutions, research and anthropology, antique restoration, film and video production, as gallery and museum curators, illustrators, etc. The future holds a great deal of promise for artists and designers who can combine skills with a breadth of understanding.

Makerere University regulations pertaining to application, registration, examinations and awards shall apply.


Direct entry
For admission to BIFA under the Direct Entry Scheme, a candidate must have: Sat the Uganda Certificate of Education or equivalent and obtained a certificate. Two advanced level passes at the same sitting of the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education, one of which must be in either art or technical drawing. Prior knowledge in basic computing is an added advantage to applicants seeking admission to the BIFA Programme. Weighting: For admissions to the BIFA Degree Programme, the “A” level subject shall be weighted as follows:

  • Weight 3 – Art or Technical Drawing
  • Weight 2 – One or two best done of all A’level subjects.
  • Weight1 – General Paper, Sub-Maths
  • Weight 0.5 – All the remaining Subjects (Arts & Sciences)

Mature Age Entry
For admission to the BIFA Degree Programme under the mature age entry scheme, a candidate should possess specialized knowledge relevant to Industrial and Fine Arts to ensure successful completion of the programme upon selection on passing the Mature Age Entry Examinations.

Diploma Holders
For admission to the BIFA Degree Programme, the applicant should possess a Diploma (with at least Second Class Division) from a recognized institution (after obtaining an advanced level certificate) with Art and or Technical drawing as a basis. Credits will be transferred as appropriate.

You may download a detailed copy of the course outline below

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Curriculum Summary

Year: 1
Semester: 1

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Uni-wideCommunication skills CSK1101 2
Introduction to Visual Arts IFA1101 2
Design I: Black and White IFA1102 3
Introduction to Drawing IFA1103 3
Business Administration IFA1104 2
Pre-Historic to Byzantine (elective) IFA1105 3
Introduction to Painting (elective) IFA1106 3
Introduction to Jewelry-making (elective) IFA1107 3
Introduction to Decorative Textile & Fabric Design (elective) IFA1109 3
History of Art (Special) I (elective) IFA1111 3
Drawing (Special) I (elective) IFA1112 3
Introduction to Ceramics (elective) IFA1114 3
Introduction to Photography (elective) IFA1115 3
Introduction to Fashion Design (elective) IFA1117 3
Introduction to Communication Design (elective) IFA1118 3
Fundamentals of sculpture (elective) IFA1119 3
Drawing II IFA2202 3

Year: 1
Semester: 2

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Research Methods IFA1201 3
Drawing I IFA1202 3
Principles and History of Art I IFA1203 3
Finance and Banking IFA1204 3
Water Colour Painting I IFA1205 3
Introduction to Photography I (Alternative) IFA1207 3
Introduction to Weaving IFA1210 3
Printing I & Illustration I IFA1211 3
Ceramics I IFA1212 3
Drawing (Special) I IFA1215 3
Jewelry Making I IFA1218 3
Sculpture Fabrication I IFA1219 3
Sculpture Carving and Modelling I IFA1220 3
Textile Decoration and technology I IFA1221 3
Lettering IFA1222 3
Fashion Design I IFA1223 3

Year: 2
Semester: 1

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Research Proposal Writing IFA2102 2
Marketing I IFA2104 2
Western Art: Medieval Through Rococo IFA2105 3
Oil Painting I IFA2106 3
Jewelry Making II (elective) IFA2107 3
Relief Printing and Illustration II (elective) IFA2108 3
Textiles II (elective) IFA2109 3
Water Colour Painting II (elective) IFA2111 3
History of Art (Special)II (elective) IFA2112 3
Drawing (Special) II (elective) IFA2113 3
Ceramics II (elective) IFA2115 3
Photography II (elective) IFA2116 3
Hand weaving and Fibre (elective) IFA2117 3
Sculpture Fabrication II (elective) IFA2119 3
Sculpture Carving and Modelling II (elective) IFA2120 3
Fashion Design II (elective) IFA2121 3
Layout (elective) IFA2122 3

Year: 2
Semester: 2

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Research Report I IFA2201 3
Principles and Art History II IFA2203 3
Marketing II IFA2204 3
Oil Painting II IFA2205 3
History (Special) Appreciation (elective) IFA2206 3
Landscape Photography (elective) IFA2207 3
Water Colour Painting III (elective) IFA2210 3
Printmaking and Illustration III (elective) IFA2211 3
Industrial Ceramics (elective) IFA2212 3
Anatomy II (elective) IFA2214 3
Applied Design II (elective) IFA2215 3
Advertising Design I (elective) IFA2216 3
Jewellery Making III (elective) IFA2217 3
Weaving (elective) IFA2218 3
Sculpture Fabrication III (elective) IFA2219 3
Sculpture Carving and Modeling III (elective) IFA2220 3
Textile Decoration and Technology II (elective) IFA2221 3
Design Computing IFA2222 3

Year: 2
Semester: Recess

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Industrial training IFA2301 4

Year: 3
Semester: 1

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Research Report II (submission) IFA3101 3
Drawing III IFA3102 3
Western Art: Neo- Classicism to present & E. Africa IFA3103 3
Oil Painting III (elective) IFA3104 4
Typographic Design (elective) IFA3105 4
Jewellery Making IV (elective) IFA3106 4
Printmaking-Etching (elective) IFA3107 4
Advanced Water Colour Painting I (elective) IFA3110 4
History of Art (Special) III (elective) IFA3111 4
Drawing (Special) III Anatomy (elective) IFA3112 4
Ceramics III (elective) IFA3114 4
Advanced Photography Colour (elective) IFA3115 4
Advanced Weaving Techniques (elective) IFA3116 4
Fashion Design III (elective) IFA3117 4
Advanced Illustration (elective) IFA3118 4
Sculpture Fabrication IV (elective) IFA3119 4
Sculpture Carving and Modelling IV (elective) IFA3120 4
Advanced Textile Decoration (elective) IFA3121 4

Year: 3
Semester: 2

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Advanced Drawing IFA3201 3
Principles and History of Art III IFA3202 2
Exhibition IFA3203 2
Major Work Project IFA3204 4
Oil Painting IV (elective) IFA3205 4
Illustration IV (elective) IFA3206 4
Advanced Water-Colour Painting II (elective) IFA3209 4
Advanced Ceramics (elective) IFA3212 4
Advertising Design II (elective) IFA3213 4
Advanced Anatomy (elective) IFA3214 4
Design Communication (elective) IFA3215 4
Advanced Jewellery-making (elective) IFA3216 4
Advanced Photography (elective) IFA3217 4
Advanced Fashion Design (elective) IFA3219 4
Sculpture Fabrication III (elective) IFA3220 4
Advanced Textile Decoration (elective) IFA3221 4
Advanced Carving & Modelling (elective) IFA3222 4
African Art and Modernization (elective) IFA3223 4
Advanced Weaving (elective) IFA3224 4
Attachment Name Attachment Type
EMT2201 Engineering Mathematics IV DOC PDF PS

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