Course Description

This is similar to the one undertaken at level I. It introduces students to various technological skills in industries and provides on-the-job training and exposure.


  • Expose students to practical aspects of engineering and construction activities
  • Provide an opportunity to students to relate the knowledge obtained during lectures to actual field operations
  • Create an understanding of the roles played by different project personnel during project execution
  • Enable students learn how to work in a team (casual workers, technicians, engineers, etc).
  • Teach students different engineering ethics necessary for career building
  • Enhance problem solving capacity of the students using available appropriate technology and surrounding conditions
  • Enable students to have a hands-on with tools and equipment not readily available in the University laboratories and are of great importance in the engineering field.
  • Enable students appreciate various challenges faced in the field and critical areas necessitating further research studies.


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CIV3301 Industrial Training II