Course Description

In this course, final-year students perform a research project largely of their own design and direction in the field of engineering under the guidance of academic supervisors. Students submit a proposal at the beginning and a bound research report at the end summarizing their findings. They also deliver an oral presentation to a panel of examiners describing their research findings – one mini presentation at the end of semester I and a final presentation at the end of semester II.


Main objective of the course is for the student to learn the art of problem solving through the scientific method of project formulation, data collection, analysis and drawing of conclusions and presenting of the findings through a public defence and technical report. Specific objectives include:

  • Do independent practical original research in Civil Engineering,
  • Review and appraise existing literature,
  • Develop research, analysis, writing and editing and organisation skills through an extended exploration of a single topic, and
  • Disseminate research findings through presentation and publication.


Attachment Name Attachment Type
CIV4100 Civil Engineering Project I DOC PDF PS