In the object-oriented view of software, programs are considered to be collections of objects that interact by sending messages to one another and reacting to the answers to those messages. These ideas are at the forefront of modern software development. This course is designed to teach the fundamental ideas behind the object-oriented approach to programming; through the widely used Java programming language. The course concentrates  on  those  aspects  of the  Java  language  that  best  demonstrate  object- oriented principles and good practice. CMP2104 will give the student a solid basis for further study of the Java language and object-oriented software development.


  • To   build the students’ skills geared towards professional Object Design and Programming with Java
  • To introduce the students to how Object-Orientation  works and how to best apply it in Java
  • To develop the students’ mastery in the areas of Inheritance, Encapsulation, Abstraction & Polymorphism in Java
  • To provide students with extensive hands-on experience with Java programming
  • To impart Exception Handling techniques mechanism
  • To familiarize the students with the methods for manipulation of Java Object Collections
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