Computer games provide a contemporary gaming and entertainment  platform as well as stimulating the mind of the developer toward high level of creativity. It is therefore imperative for the computer engineering student to be abreast with the fundamentals of computer  games  development.    Using  a comprehensive  and analytical approach  to game engine architectures, this is course designed to offer students the opportunity to learn the effective implementation game ideas, algorithms and graphics.


The objectives of the Computer Games Development course are to:

  • Provide students with the core programming language skills necessary for game development.
  • Provide students with a thorough understanding of the main concepts involved in real-time 3D graphics programming.
  • Provide  students  with  a  fuller  understanding  of current  and  emerging  digital entertainment systems technologies
  • Facilitate students in the development of expertise and interest in topic areas of digital entertainment systems
  • Provide students with an understanding of current digital entertainment systems research issues
  • Further  develop  students’  analytical,  creative,  problem‑ solving  and  research skills
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