This course aims to prepare life scientists and engineers for the electronic age in healthcare. It is expected to fill a major gap in healthcare management, namely the management  of biomedical technologies and emerging e-health applications. Students will  acquire  the  necessary  skills  to  integrate  biomedical,  information  and communication technologies in order to enhance the existing healthcare processes and conform to international standards.


By covering the course in Computer Based Medical Systems, the student will be well versed with the fundamentals of:

  • Procurement,    calibration    and    management    of    biomedical    technologies: compliance with ISO-9000 and JCI standards, establishment  and management of clinical engineering units.
  • Systems integration of biomedical, information and communication technologies for  developing  hospital  information  systems,  picture  archival  and communication systems, special departmental systems and e-health applications involving  communication  technologies  and  medical equipment,  medical software and e-health systems development.
  • Design of clinical trials, database development, design of data entry procedures and statistical analysis of clinical data.
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