Theory  and  implementation  of  a  variety  of  techniques  used  to  simulate  intelligent behavior. Expert systems, fuzzy logic, neural networks, evolutionary computation, and two-player  game-tree  search  will  be  covered  in  depth.  Knowledge  representation, pattern recognition, hybrid approaches, and handling uncertainty will also be discussed Objective

By covering the course in Intelligent Systems, the student will be able to:Appreciate the concepts of Artificial Intelligence and the diversity of approaches and definitions with which it is associated.

Develop an understanding of heuristic methods.

Learn the underlying theory and practice of evolutionary computation, including genetic algorithms and genetic programming.

  • Appreciate  knowledge  engineering,  develop  expert  systems,  and  understand fuzzy expert systems.
  • Develop an understanding of and implement artificial neural networks.
  • Implement a two-player strategy game with optimized adversarial search.
  • Implement, observe and evaluate alternative approaches to intelligent systems
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