The Sustainable Energy Systems course is designed to equip graduates and working professionals  with  a  broad  training  in,  and  understanding  of,  energy  production, delivery,   consumption,   efficiency,   economics,   policy   and   regulation.   These  are considered  in  the  context  of  the  sustainability  of  energy  supply  and  consumption patterns, both locally and globally. A unique feature of the course is its broad approach to the development of sustainable routes to the generation and supply of energy within which renewable energy is a key theme.


By covering the course in Sustainable Energy Systems, the student will be able to:

  • Understand  and evaluate  alternative  modes  of energy supply,  including  fossil- fuelled, nuclear and renewables-based supply
  • Appreciate the development of and constraints on carbon- and non carbon-based energy resources
  • Understand the challenges and constraints on end-use efficiency of energy
  • Appreciate   the  economic,   policy  and  regulatory  frameworks   within  which decisions on energy futures are made
  • Be conversant  with the problems of energy distribution and the constraints on present distribution systems.
  • Critically analyse competing claims in the energy sector
  • Evaluate options for energy supply, distribution, utilisation
  • Articulate environmental sustainability of energy supply systems
  • Analyse the technical-economic interaction of developments in the energy system
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