Rationale/Course Description

The course covers the following topics:

Introduction to the law of torts, including its historical origins, its theoretical underpinnings and its aims and functions; trespass to the person; negligence, including liability in respect of omissions and pure economic loss; occupiers liability; nuisance; Vicarious Liability; Strict Liability; defamation; Defenses and Damages

Course Objectives

To examine and understand:

  • the historical foundation of law of torts and the purposes of the law of torts.
  • the different forms of trespass to person and goods
  • the legal requirements for the tort of Negligence
  • issues of economic torts and economic loss
  • [10
  • issues of Public and private Nuisance
  • issues related to vicarious liability and the duties of Masters towards Servants
  • the different defenses available to parties litigating under tort actions
  • the damages a successful party can be awarded in different tort actions
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LAW 2106 Law of Torts for Construction DOC PDF PS