Course Description:

This course involves students conducting group projects on Surveying/geomatics-related topics for real-world clients. The taught part of the course is designed to help students focus on the conceptual and technical issues relating to projects management and report I. Generally, this course is student-led. Groups are expected to arrange their own meetings, manage the division of workload and ensure they are meeting the requirements of the client (but also exploring further possibilities that the client may not have considered). Students are expected to draw on the experience and skills they have built up during the course as a whole, and from the various guest speaker sessions associated with this course, to solve a real world problem


Course Objectives:

This course aims to:

  • Facilitate students to gain valuable experience of working on Surveying projects in a real-world environment.
  • Develop students collaborative skills through working together as part of a team
  • Enable Students appreciate project management aspects through experience and learning.
  • Contribute to solving surveying problems in the industry through involvement of students and clients.
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