Course description

This course introduces the behaviour of ideal fluids and later on the flow of fluid past a solid boundary. It covers the effect of such flow on surfaces whereby the principle of lifting surfaces is demonstrated, and later on the effect on lift once the flow is lost. The course also covers the analysis of flow in open channels (i.e. surface of the stream is open to the atmosphere) looking at both uniform and non-uniform scenarios. Flow in which the density of the fluid change from one point to another is also analyzed in this course together with various types of turbo-machines that are used to modify the energy of the stream.

Course objectives

  • The aim of this course is to guide the students’ understanding of the principles of fluid motion past a solid boundary and the associated effects, operation, design and analysis of hydraulic structures such as open channels, and various fluid machines such as pumps and turbines that are used either to add energy to a fluid or to transform fluid energy into other forms
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