Course Description
Reading the Field, or Field Data Recognition is a basic professional activity of the Civil Engineering Surveyor. This does not treat of design, but of those features in the field which may have a bearing on the design proposal of the Civil Engineer. The Engineer explains his/her viewpoint in the classroom, the Surveyor shows examples in the field. Then the students observe and explore for themselves. This semester the students will study the general features of different civil engineering project types and the manner in which a design concept is gained.



  • The purpose of this course is to acquaint the student with the different common project types found in civil engineering, and the manner in which a design proposal is conceived.
  • It gives the experience of meeting field data through visits to sites
  • It trains in field data collection (measuring, counting, sketching) and in report writing
  • It brings an awareness of safety precautions that are incorporated into the design both for the project itself and the general public (including the Surveyor and his/her team while working)
  • It gives a basic understanding of how to handle field work.
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