Course Description

Field Data Collection for the Civil Engineer is the first basic professional activity of the Civil Engineering Surveyor. It is the fieldwork of Surveying, but with a flexible approach suitable to the collection of field data (detail, features) that would be needed by the Civil Engineer. This course is a theoretic introduction and covers the background to field data collection.


  • The purpose of this course is to introduce Surveying in its general concept
  • It shows the distinction between Civil Engineering Surveying and other types of Surveying, particularly Land Surveying with which it is often mistaken
  • It presents the idea of field data collection for the Civil Engineer (inclusive) and how this differs from data collection in other forms of surveying (sampling)
  • Field data collection is then expanded into its practical elements and constraints
  • The first notions of the principles on which to act are introduced
  • The major practical experiences to be encountered in the field are illustrated
  • Many of the basics of instruments are introduced
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