Welcome to the University GIS Centre- An interdisciplinary centre for geospatial research and learning.

The University GIS Centre, established in 2001, serves as a university-wide hub for GIS, offering interdisciplinary geospatial and earth observation expertise to units where spatial competencies are essential. These units span a wide range of disciplines, including Environment, Spatial Planning and Architecture, Cadaster, Land Management, Geography, Business, Health, Ecology, Civil engineering, water resources, transport and Logistics, Agriculture, Forestry, Biology, computer science, and many more.  

The centre’s aim is to equip units where spatial competencies are crucial with the skills to utilize geospatial (location) information and services effectively. Because of this Central role, the Centre is under the Directorate of Research and Graduate Training but is housed in the College of Engineering, Art, Design, and Technology. 

The GIS centre is an active collaborator with academic, private, and public sector partners that utilize geospatial information and services for decision support. The centre offers the following services;

  1.  Conducting and co-supervision of research involving the use of GI-Science methods and theories 
  2. Educational and training opportunities in use of geospatial and earth observation technologies to university units, government institutions and the private sector
  3. Community outreach and consultancy services to private sector and government institutions. Such services include; geodata services, capacity building, data capture (surveys, thematic, participatory mapping) in the field and analysis, A0 scanning and printing, and digitization of large-scale maps.

Upcoming Events

Below are the upcoming tailored courses for industry partners and professionals at the GIS Centre.

Course (45 Contact Hours) Evening program (5 pm-8 pm) Weekend (Saturdays) program (9 am-5 pm) – 
Fundamentals of GIS and Spatial Analysis 4th-21st June 2024 1st June- 29th June 2024
GIS applications for land managers 8th -26th July 2024 6th July -3rd August 2024
GIS application for integrated spatial planning 29th July – 16th august 2024 10th August-7th October 2024

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