Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar for Academic year 2015/2016


Orientation Week: Saturday 15th August, 2015 to Friday 21 st August, 2015. (7days)
Semester One: Saturday 22nd August, 2015 to Saturday 19th December, 2015 (17 weeks)
Semester One Vacation: Saturday19th December, 2015 to Friday 29th January, 2016
Graduation Week Monday 18th to Friday, 22nd January, 2016
Semester Two: Saturday 30th January, 2016 to Saturday 28th May, 2012 (17weeks)
Recess Term: Saturday 28thMay, 2016 To Saturday 6th August, 2016 (10 weeks)


Academic Calendar for Academic year 2016/2017


Orientation Week: Saturday 13th August, 2016 to Friday 19th August, 2016 (7days)
Semester One: Saturday 20th August, 2016 to Saturday 17th December, 2016 (17 weeks)
Semester One Vacation: Saturday 18th December, 2016 to Friday 28th January, 2017
Graduation Week: Monday 16th January 2017 to Friday, 20th January, 2017.


Semester Two: Saturday 28th January, 2017 to Saturday 27th May, 2017. (17 weeks)
Recess Term: Saturday 27th May, 2017 to Saturday 5th August, 2017 (10.weeks)