Course Description:

The course introduces to the learners the fundamentals of art history: the relationship between art history and general history, formation, growth and development of art history, the globalization of art history and its effects to the development of the study and understanding of local art history. Terminologies used in the study of art history and their effects on the understanding of local art history. Relationship between man and art history: Art as medium of communication, symbol and commodity. Types of art history, method used in art history investigation. Writing skills in art history; Exploration and Identification of potential art history topics through research papers, articles in journals and publications


Course Objectives

The course is intended to:

  • Acquaint the learner with knowledge and skills needed in the study of art history.
  • Enable the learner to understand and apply the terminologies used in the study of art history.
  • Expose the learner to a wide range of knowledge found in research papers, articles in        journals and publications for broadening his/her knowledge capacity.
  • Enable the learner to explore the relevance of art in society
  • Facilitate the learners Choice of a research topic.
  • Enable the learners develop a clear understanding of the relationship between general history and art history
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