Course Description:

This is a studio-based and hands-on course aimed at exploring diverse ceramic media and applying new techniques; the practice and culture of art and design. Crucial studio knowledge and experience in a variety of critical art making practices, media and processes, both traditional and contemporary pottery and ceramics. The course investigates ceramic surfaces, treatments and the interface of the ceramic form. Experiments in local clay sources and related materials allowing experimentation and diverse processes. Appropriate firing techniques, pottery function, creatively decorative and expressive pottery imagery.

Course Objectives:

The course is intended to enable students to:

  • Acquire advanced skills on hands on execution of the ceramic design process both within a studio and industrial environment.
  • Create ceramic projects that require design and ceramic material development.
  • Exhibit leadership techniques in the development and production of ceramic products.
  • Manage and ensure the development of ceramic ideas, so as to improve feasibility and new ceramics profiles and installations.
  • Use ceramics as a medium of communications both on the local and international arenas.
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