Course Description

The dissertation is the culmination of the MA in Art History and tests the student’s ability to present a sustained academic argument in clear, logical text. The student will develop the write up from his/her own original and academically sound topic that was chosen and proposed in the previous semesters. Students will not necessarily make an original contribution to scholarly knowledge but must demonstrate a reasonable grasp of work done in the subject area, with a thorough survey of relevant literature. The instructor(s) and supervisor(s) will help the student decide on the focus of the thesis/ dissertation, which will be periodically supervised and approved before submitted for marking.

Course Objectives

  • To enable learners have an in depth and extensive knowledge and ability to carry out research  in their respective  areas of research.
  • To ensure that the learners can demonstrate their potential to arrive at critical, logical and        academically sound arguments through writing and presentations in their respective study           areas.
  • To enable students develop art history research methodology skills.
  • To enable students contribute additional knowledge to the existing body of knowledge in their respective research areas.
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