Course Description


This course involves application of historical styles and contexts in their studio-practice. Students will apply their advanced skills in pattern making, textile design and selection to produce a strong and innovative design collection. It also helps students become familiar with the use of digital media to enhance pattern-making and garment production. The students will develop advanced skills to communicate ideas through bold and deliberate use of color, pattern and shape and to follow those ideas through to the development of their fashion collection.

Course Objectives

The course will enable learners to:

  • 1. Develop advanced creative, technical and research skills required in apparel design.
  • 2. Demonstrate ability to contextually apply historical African and non-African styles in their studio-practice.
  • 3. Use digital media in the process of design, pattern-making and garment production.
  • 4. Apply aesthetic elements and principles of design in their studio-projects.
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