Course Description

This course will introduce students to challenges associated with development and environment in Uganda and world over. The course will help students to analyze issues related to economic growth and development, population growth and need for sustainable development. Students will be able to formulate practical policy responses to the emerging environment vis-à-vis development issues for sustainable development planning. This course will cover a series of development related environmental challenges and will expose students to key issues in the major development areas of concern such as industrialization, urbanization and agriculture and their impact on environment and topical issues like education for sustainable development and millennium development goals.


  • Introduce the relationship between environment management and development
  • Explore alternative approaches to development that are environmentally  friendly
  • Demonstrate different development activities and their impacts  on the environment
  • Explain the, policy and political implications related to development policy and practice and how they impact on the environment and natural resource therein.
  • Introduce the different development sectors such as urbanization, agriculture, industrialization, and trade and how they impact on the environment and suggest ways to mitigate the impacts.
  • Elucidate the importance of pre-project environmental assessments in development and environmental sustainability.
  • Discuss the role of NGOs, civil society organizations in fostering social responsibility in the emerging environmental management issues
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